Organizational Trainings

Bring Storytelling to Your Team

Storytelling can be a powerful tool for organizations to integrate into their company culture. It can bring cohesion to teams, give them points of connection, and can be a powerful tool of persuasion to sales, marketing, and development teams.

Step-by-Step Storytelling

I'll walk your team through a step-by-step process for crafting a story that can accommodate all skill levels.

Collaborative learning

Organizational trainings will have your team learning and honing their storytelling skills together.

Customized curriculum

Trainings can be customized to focus on your specific needs, time frames, and applications of storytelling.

Team Building Experience

Storytelling is a community building experience. By working together to craft and share stories your team will grow stronger as a unit.    

Workshops are available as a one-time or on-going basis. Send me a message and I’ll respond back as soon as possible.

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