We serve organizations and individuals that are looking to make a greater good in the world. This can be a nonprofit serving it’s community, an innovative social entrepreneurship plan, scientists working on their communication skills, or anybody with a story to share that they think will help people.


The value of a nonprofit isn’t measured in a simple profit/loss metric. It takes a tool such as storytelling to share the full impact of the work that is accomplished.

Leaders and entrepreneurs

Being a leader takes a vision and the ability to communicate it. By learning the tools of storytelling and making it a part of your daily life you’ll develop the skills to move minds and create change.


Now more than ever the world needs scientists that can communicate the importance of the work they do. By leveraging the power of storytelling you can help your audience understand the true value of science.

Speakers & Writers

Do you have a message to share with the world, but struggle to express it in a way that resonates? Storytelling has a special power to connect with the human mind and turn a vision into inspiration.