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Storytelling for the Revolution

  • Hera Hub 4010 Sorrento Valley Blvd, Ste 400, San Diego, California 92121 (map)

There comes a time in every citizens lifetime, where they must decided what role they will play in their history. 

Our time is now. 

Join us as we explore the current social and political narratives and what role we each want to play in this unfolding drama. 

In this community event, we will guide you through 3-key concepts of powerful storytelling:

-Your aspirations
-Your challenges
-Your resolution

If we look at the current state of affairs, from a creative storytelling perspective, we may find a treasure of fresh ideas and solutions we hadn't yet imagined.

This event is a must if you are: 

-Fed up with the current political narrative
-A leader searching for new ways to empower your community 
-Considering running for office
-A community organizer
-A passionate citizen ready to take action but don't know where to start

We hope you join us! 

We all have the ability to craft a message and story that inspires our fellow citizens! In this event, you will walk away with a new perspective, fresh ideas on how to craft your message, and tools to create your own story that compels your community to take action. 

Ahead of midterm elections, we are offering this event for free. 
Food, community and solutions feed a weary political soul! 

This is a FREE Community Event and Potluck. Please bring a dish to share. And invite a friend! 

Space limited to 30. Please RSVP.


Vanessa Wilde
Vanessa is an Experiential Trainer for women in business, and the Founder of GirlSide Chats. She hosts monthly community conversations for girls and women on real issues that matter most. 

Vanessa has over 10 years experience in public speaking and facilitation of improv-based experiential trainings. She knows firsthand the power of storytelling and how a shift in perspective opens the doors to possibilities and solutions.

Vanessa is also the community director at Hera Hub Carlsbad.

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Nathan Young
Nathan Young is a public speaking coach and storytelling consultant. He has worked with such groups as TEDxSanDiego, the literary arts nonprofit So Say We All, and is currently the director of The New Narrative, a live storytelling project exploring how societal stories can be rewritten to create a more equitable future.

Nathan has over six years of experience in public speaking, creative writing and storytelling. He has seen first hand how communities grow stronger and people become more confident through sharing their stories. Storytelling helps individuals relate to each other, understand one another and feel a little less alone in the world.

More info about his workshops and projects can be found at

About Hera Hub
Hera Hub is the first international female-focused coworking space & business accelerator. Hera Hub's platform supports members through education, mentoring, and collaboration, while the office environment gives them access to professional, productive space where they can grow a prosperous business, built on the foundation of a powerful community.

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